Babies are surely one of the most wonderful blessings you could ever receive - all at once they'll turn your world upside-down with a whirlwind of squishy, chubby cuteness, sleepless nights, first smiles & warm cuddles. It's true, having just had my 2nd baby I may be a little bit biased, but judging by the popularity of our birth announcement cards, I know many of our readers & website visitors are also mummies-in-the-making or new parents. If you're thinking about having a session with a local photographer, or getting creative with your own camera at home to capture and document your baby's precious first months, we're on hand with a selection of creative & alternative portrait ideas...

Above: Neutral colours & baby's initial give an added dose of 'aaahhhh'

Above: As this photo demonstrates, sometimes less is more! You can go natural - no gimmicks, props or distractions - just let your beautiful baby do all the talking.

Above: What could be cuter than a newborn baby? A newborn baby surrounded by teddies of course!

Above: An ornate vintage frame adds a lovely touch to this baby portrait.

Above: Capturing baby's 'vitals' as well as a yawn!

Above: Create a pretty setting for baby to hang out in, perhaps even from your wedding decorations!

Above: Intellectual baby! This photo will be a cute one to look back on years to come...

Above: Use photos & write on them (either literally, or digitally through photoshop or any paint programme). Capturing baby's milestones & quirks at each age.

Above: Like this super clever mum, you can create cute scenes on the carpet to send your baby off on exciting adventures while he sleeps!

Above & below, use a dedicated space in your house to record your baby's development each month! You can caption it with chalk for added charm...

Below: Take a photo of your baby with the same special toy each month to illustrate how much they've grown, and then frame the collage for a special keepsake you'll treasure forever!

Below: Photograph your little one in their cot each month and then caption it using photoshop or any paint programme.

I hope you like these ideas and have lots of fun creating your own special photo opps with baby, why not pin the ones you love to refer to later on?

Have a great day,



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