With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we thought we'd take a moment to share our fun new collection of personalised cards and prints with you...

{Above - Image by Claire Graham Photography for b.loved blog}

With corny cards galore on the supermarket shelves leading up to February 14th - we thought we'd come up with some fun alternatives to the traditional valentines designs. This year our theme of the season is 'Famous Couples Throughout History' with you at the very centre:

Personalised Customised Wedding Valentines Day Alternative Card Famous Couples Throughout History by Hip Hip Hooray

This romantic personalised Valentine's Day card is a perfect choice if you're looking for an alternative and extra personal way to tell someone how special they are. With a fun 'famous couples throughout history' theme, your own names can be up there with some of the most iconic couples of all time; from Romeo & Juliet to Homer & Marge. There is also a space to add an optional special date such as your wedding anniversary.

Personalised Customised Alternative Wedding Valentines Day Card Famous Couples Sci-Fi Fantasy Science Fiction

If your beau is a self confessed science fiction geek, this personalised sci-fi themed valentines card is just the ticket! Impress your other half with a list of all their favourite famous science fiction couples such as Lois & Clark, Princess Leia & Han Solo and Uhura & Spock, with your very own names right there in the mix!

Personalised Customised Printable Alternative Wedding Valentines Day Artwork Print Famous Couples Movies Films Rom Coms Romantic Comedies

Also available as a personalised print, you can opt for a fun Romantic Comedy theme valentines design.  If your loved one is an avid rom-com fan, why not display your own names up there with all her favourite on-screen couples?

Personalised Customised Alternative Printable Wedding Valentines Day Artwork Print Famous Couples History Books Novels Literary Literature

Finally, for book lovers - if you have a passion for books and classic literature, why not personalise one of our literary themed valentines cards or prints  - putting yourselves up there among the greatest love stories of all time?

As with all our personalised stationery designs, you can customise with your own text and choose to print your goodies from home by purchasing a DIY printable PDF, or you can purchase stationery professionally printed with free UK delivery.

Pop back soon for more great celebration stationery designs, news and tips.


Post By Jenny Adjene