Following our post on DIY cake toppers last week, we're now giving you the scoop on another cake related topic - the traditional white iced wedding cake has undergone a serious make-under of late, and we absolutely love it! The 'naked cake' is a now a really popular choice for brides & grooms everywhere, they look really pretty adorned with fresh fruit and flowers, and having the cake layers and fillings exposed makes the whole thing look extra delicious, don't you think? If you're considering this for your wedding or event, we're showcasing our top ten cakes from around the web as inspiration, and don't miss some great expert tips below too.

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You may imagine that being stripped back, naked cakes are easier to create than traditional wedding cakes, but beware if you're making your own - they're not as simple as they look! Having everything on show is risky business, as there's no frosting to keep the cake inside moist, (or to hide behind!) On the plus side, if you're working with a professional then choosing a naked cake should work out much more affordable as there's less work involved.

Here are 5 top tips to bear in mind if you bare all!

1) Keep it real!

Naked cakes are beautiful because of their natural and organic feel, so to complement this stick to natural styling such as fresh fruit, flowers and succulents.

2) Assemble as late as you can

Naked cakes dry out much quicker - most cake studios suggest stacking the cake no earlier than 24 hours before use.

3) Timing is key

It's not advisable to have the cake on display for more than 3-4 hours, or even less if it's in a hot or humid environment. Keep this in mind when thinking about wedding timings.

4) Smooth lines for finesse

Giving your naked cake smooth lines will make a big difference. If you trim the edge it will reveal the cake's true colour as well as giving it a clean finish.

5) The magic ingredient

Brushing sugar syrup over each layer (after you've trimmed the edges) before assembly will help lock in the moisure.

We hope you've found this post handy and inspiring - if you're going with a naked cake for your wedding or party and want to read up a little more, we can recommend these great articles via Pretty Witty Cakes, The Knot & With Lovely

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