Remember guys, a party without a cake is just a meeting! We know how much you love cake (don't we all?!) - and the cake can be a real focal point of any wedding, party or celebration. We've searched high and low for the very best cake topper ideas which you can make yourself. As you'll see from these images, DIY cake toppers can add some real magic to simple and understated cakes, and can help bring all the other little details together. We hope you like this wedding & party cake inspiration - please note, we take no responsibilty for extreme feelings of HUNGER which may result from reading this post!!

Images sources, from the top row onwards;

{XOXO | Hearts | Candy necklace | Pom poms | Eat More Cake | Fringe | Tassels | Floral teacup | Happy Birthday | Bunting | Birthday Girl | Paper Flowers | Balloons | Birds | Bunting | Just Married

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