Today we're talking popcorn {unfortunately it's not as fun as eating it, but hopefully more helpful to you!}. If you've got wedding or party guests to cater for, popcorn will go down a treat every time! Not only is it a relatively simple and affordable option for you as the host, but it's also really fun - and great for getting your friends and family talking. Creating a cute popcorn bar with choices of sprinkles, toppings and flavours is a really interactive and different little quirky twist on the traditional party buffet which your guests will love! So, here's some fab inspiration for ways to serve it, as well as a few handy tips to make sure you're covered on all things practical as well as pretty! Bon appetit!

(Popcorn Table)

(Popcorn bar sign via Etsy)

(Popcorn Table)

(Popcorn Cart)

(Popcorn Favours)

(Popcorn Station)

(Popcorn Display)

(Popcorn Buffet)

(Popcorn Bar)

Here's the good news - creating a popcorn bar is really simple, and something you can choose to DIY with little risk of disaster (no glue guns here, promise!).  Choose containers which suit the style of reception you're going for (eg. for rustic events you can use large mason jars, wooden boxes etc.), with at least three of your favourite flavours. You can use a gourmet popcorn supplier such as Joe & Sephs here in the UK, or alternatively bulk buy pre-popped large bags from the supermarket.  Provide a scoop and favour bags or boxes  (we usually recommend Etsy for pretty party wares) and voila! You can go the extra mile by making a 'Popcorn Bar' banner with our lovely DIY alphabet bunting, or some cute labels with our free printable cards. (You can customise with 'Love is Sweet' or 'Love Pops' - be as creative as you like...

Finally, here are 3 top tips for perfect party popcorn:

Keep it fresh - If you're serving popcorn in open containers, make sure it's only on display from the very moment you need it, to prevent it going stale. Ideally, if you have containers with lids, you'll have a better chance of keeping that crunch we all love.

Order extra - An empty popcorn bar is not exciting for the eyes or the appetite! As popcorn is quite moreish and not particularly filling, your guests will get through a lot.

Have someone on hand - It needn't be a big or demanding task, but your popcorn bar will run much more smoothly if someone is in charge of refilling it from time to time. This is a great job to delegate to an usher or one of the groomsmen perhaps...


I hope you've found some great ideas here - do have a browse of our wedding stationery or pop by our facebook page for lots more daily inspiration (no pun intended!)

Have a great day!



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