Do you want to turn your tousled locks into something truly magical for your wedding day? The floral crown is by no means a new concept in weddings - in fact, they have been beautifully adorning brides throughout the ages; but it's seen a major revival in recent years - and we have fallen head over heels in love with them all over again!

{Image via Wedding Chicks}

Fresh flowers add colour and a softer dimension to a bridal look, and there's just something quite lovely about a happy, beaming bride with flowers in her hair, don't you think? Here are some of our favourites to inspire you for your own big day:

Floral headresses: to see where we found these lovely images, please click the links below...

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We hope this gives you some great ideas for your wedding hairstyle - are you planning to make your own? If so, don't miss this clear and straightforward tutorial via Cosmopolitan...

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