Many believe that life begins at 40 - and there's plenty worth celebrating!

Some approach their 40th as an opportunity for rebirth and others see it as a bit of a daunting start to a mid-life-crisis laden decade. But really, it's a milestone where you truly begin to understand and appreciate what you have.

At Hip Hip Hooray, we love making those important moments matter; the best way to create a real fizz of anticipation is with some carefully selected invites for the party, get-together or special event you've got planned.

No matter what scale and style of celebration you're putting together, you can rest assured that 'Hip' have a unique design tailor made to your personal taste, theme and sense of humour... So to give you a taste of what we've got to offer, have a look at 6 of our handpicked stationery options to make you say wow!

Gold Calligraphy & Confetti 40th Birthday Party Invitation

Set the tone for your birthday bash with this shimmering gold calligraphy and confetti card that will give your guests that party feeling from the moment the receive it.

Blush Pink & Black Polka Dot 40th Birthday Party Invitation

A gorgeous powder pink and polka dot combination for a more demure and stylish way of letting your guests know about the big up-coming celebration.

Navy Blue Fairy Lights 40th Birthday Party Invitation

Simple yet full of stunning design work, this deep navy blue card comes with glowing fairy lights to create a lovely atmosphere before your birthday kicks off.

Black & Gold Art Deco 1920s 40th Birthday Party Invitation

Nothing quite says timeless and elegant quite like our Art Deco themed birthday card, complete with all the ornate and retro design features to set the scene for a 1920s style party.

'Pop Clink Fizz' Champagne Prosecco Themed 40th Birthday Party Invitation

Your guests will almost hear the corks popping with this evocative champagne prosecco themed party invitation. Comes with an effervescent design and sparkling details to get everyone buzzing for your smart celebration or fancy do.