Described as "more the season of the soul than of nature"; autumn marks the arrival of the most atmospheric and evocative time of year where the vivid colours and striking scenery leave a deep and profound impression.

If you're starting to think about planning a wedding in the fall, it makes sense to have your entire theme, style and visual aesthetic match the dramatic backdrop of the leaves falling and the landscape changing.

At Hip Hip Hooray, we think that autumn is probably one of our favourite "looks" to go for - it's ageless, elegant, and can also overlap slightly into winter with a few little twists.

If you can't take the idea off of a September to late-November wedding, take a look at some of our autumn stationery, inspiration and ideas that you absolutely have to include someone on your special day.

Autumn Leaves Wedding Invitation

Set the scene beautifully with a wedding that frames all the autumn elements perfect in one stunning invite.

Fall In Love With The Details...

For brides...

Make sure your bouquets pop with colours. The autumn colour palette is typically red, gold, yellow, purple, orange, pink and brown - so you have plenty of different shades to work with and work into your wedding aesthetic.


For grooms...

A few autumn details on the jacket lapel will be enough to reflect the season subtly and stylishly. Popular suit colours range from navy, brown and grey to tan and even black.


Autumn Leaves Wedding Order Of Service Booklet

Let everyone know how the events of your day will fall into place...

Autumn Leaves Wedding Seating Plan

Create a table plan that everyone can view before they take a seat.

Pine Cone Place Cards

Then help your guests find their seats with some homemade pine cone place cards.


Autumn Leaves Menu

Once everyone is sat down, reveal the seasonal delicacies everyone's been waiting for.

Rustic Centrepieces

Adding something simple and effective like a flower dressed log centrepiece will tie everything together on your wedding table.


Autumnal Wedding Cake

Keep it rustic and natural with your wedding cake to achieve that authentic autumn feel.


Autumn Leaves Gift Wish Card

Add a special twist to your wedding gift wishes with the perfect card, complete with all the autumn decor and details.