Though we will always be fans of the traditional guest book at weddings (what could be better than having all your guests' words of love, encouragement and support written down in a book which you can cherish and look back on for the rest of your days?!) -we know lots of you will be looking for a creative alternative. We've searched the web high and low for some of the best, tried and tested ways to record your guests' contribution to the biggest day of your life:

We love this collection of pretty, vintage plates - anything that can be displayed afterwards has to be a bonus right?

This mini-envelope idea would make a really eye-catching display on your big day, bringing guests together and acting as a great talking point...

Using old postcards is a great guest book alternative if you're planning a vintage or travel inspired wedding.

We absolutely love how this globe has been used as a guest book, and think it would make a beautiful addition to the home after the big day.

Create a beautiful one-off piece of art to enjoy through your married life, by asking guests for their thumbprints to form a picture.

Many wedding hire companies have retro typewriters which are still in great working order, and can be used for guests to type a message for the bride & groom.

Ask your guests to each sign a jenga brick and you'll have even more fun playing this great game in years to come, as you reflect on lovely memories.

Have fun with signs and snap photos of your guests displaying their messages to the bride & groom. This acts as a really great ice-breaker to get your reception started, and you also get to enjoy fun photos of your loved ones long after the big day.. You can also use an old polaroid camera for this!

Wishing Trees are a great option as not only do they look pretty at the wedding reception, but you can easily put the tags with messages into a scrapbook or wedding album later.

...Ask your guests to sign a square of fabric which you can later make into a special quilt!

Marriage advice cards or coasters can be a great way to connect with your guests, and what better way to start your life together than with so many words of wisdom from your nearest and dearest...

If you're a music loving couple, how about asking your guests to sign a guitar?

A carved monogram, signed by your friends and family makes for lovely wall decor after the big day!

How about sending out recipe cards with your invitations and asking guests to bring them on the day?

Asking your guests to video their message will give you some great footage to edit together later on!

Getting date suggestions from your friends and family will give you loads of great ideas for fun things to do later on...

If you're having a seaside wedding or a nautical theme, why not consider letting your guests leave their words of love on pebbles or a life ring?