Lovely Brides-to-be, - as much as you LOVE being engaged to the man/woman of your dreams, getting swept away in all the gorgeous wedding details, and having an excuse to sample more cake flavours than you can shake a stick at - let's get one thing straight, wedding planning can be stressful! Even for those of us who love nothing more than a good spreadsheet and budget calculator - throw in venue logistics & a dollop of family politics and before you know it, you can end up with a full blown melt down... Following our last expert contributor post on money saving wedding tips, we're drawing on the experience of some top UK wedding planners once again for their exclusive sanity-saving wedding planning advice:

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So here are some of the most common wedding planning mistakes to avoid in order to save your sanity:

Don’t stress the small stuff

There are always going to be a few tiny bumps along the way during your planning, but don’t stress the small stuff, focus on the things most important to you. (Lyn at Lily-Marie Weddings & Events)

Communication is key!

Don’t just assume everyone else envisages your day as you do so clearly communicate your vision to all those involved, this will avoid the stress of any last minute misunderstandings with suppliers.  (Lyn at Lily-Marie Weddings & Events)

Have realistic expectations

These days there are many social media sites to help....but please only use these as a guide, YOUR day will be individual, and remember that some of the settings and images you find will have had a whole design team working on them for hours to create one shot...enjoy your day and make your own memories.  (Lyn at Lily-Marie Weddings & Events)

Don’t get too attached to certain flower types

If your chosen flowers are not in season when you want to get married, not only will you be disappointed if they are not easily available, but they will also cost a considerable amount more! A florist will use their knowledge to find a suitable alternative for you whether it’s similar in style to the flowers you like, or whether it’s the right colours to suit your theme and colour palette. (Liesl at Zouch & Lamare)

Don’t send out your Save the Dates too soon

Friends you are close with when you get engaged may end up being acquaintances by the time your wedding day arrives. (Liesl at Zouch & Lamare)

Try not to micro-manage your suppliers

You're choosing talented professionals who understand your vision, so let them do their jobs. We know it can be tempting to control every detail you’ve so carefully considered, but you won't have the time, and you don't have the experience your suppliers do. After your initial meetings with them and appointing them, trust them to get it right. (Liesl at Zouch & Lamare)

Don’t spoil the surprise

It is so hard not to talk about your wedding all the time. The more you share, the more opinions you're likely to get about your choices, whether or not you ask for them. Also, part of wowing your guests is surprising them. If they already know that you're changing into a different dress for dancing or serving a specific (but delicious!) flavour of cake, they won't have all those special surprises on your wedding day. (Liesl at Zouch & Lamare)

Be very careful about “hiring” a friend instead of a professional.

Uncle Bob may love taking photos, and let him bring his fancy DSLR camera with him, but don’t expect him to miss out on the drinks reception and fun just to get “that perfect picture”. You're much better off paying a supplier with experience to take care of the key elements like the music, photography and food. Your friends and family will also appreciate being able to enjoy your wedding instead of having to feel under pressure and to work through it anyway. (Liesl at Zouch & Lamare)

Take out wedding insurance

Whether you have an extravagant or modest wedding budget, always, always, always take out wedding insurance!  Even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry and if the worst happens during the week leading up to your wedding or on the day itself, at least know that you will be able to re-arrange your wedding day without having to re-mortgage! (Zoe at Weddings by Zoe)

Don’t get distracted

Think about the overall look and feel of your wedding. Don't be distracted at wedding fayres and start booking random things (Louise at Louise Perry Weddings)

Work out your budget first

One of the main mistakes I encounter from my wedding clients is booking a venue before they have completed a budget.  The first steps in planning a wedding would always be to ascertain how much you have to spend and how many people you are inviting.  Quite often couples come to me and they have already overspent on their venue leaving little for the other things they need.  My top tip for working out simply if you can afford your venue or not is to ensure you do not spend more than 45% of the total wedding budget on the venue and catering.  If you have your heart set on a top photographer and designer dress, aim for 40%. (Sara at Weddings by Sara-Jane)

Keep receipts

During the last month it's easy to panic buy, over stock and generally just think "oh let’s just get it and worry later", this can be where a lot of budget goes if you're not careful. Sell on or return items you don't need or want and make sure you keep receipts. (Marie at Isabella Weddings)

Plan for bad weather

It’s always best to have a brolly handy then rely on the UK weather! Double check everything, your planner will ensure nothing is forgotten but that's easy when you are doing it alone. (Marie at Isabella Weddings)

Thanks so much to the expert contributors listed below for these fab tips which we hope will save you some headaches along the way... Please do check out their invaluable services if you are on the look out for a great wedding planner or stylist -

Lyn at Lily-Marie Weddings & Events, (Surrey & Hampshire)

Liesl at Zouch & Lamare (London & UK)

Zoe at Weddings by Zoe (South Wales & the South West)

Louise at Louise Perry Weddings (Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Suffolk and overseas)

Sara at Weddings by Sara-Jane (Scotland)

Marie at Isabella Weddings (Hampshire)