We've used our 'Retro Diner' invitation design to illustrate the above point, and while it may be a little bit tongue in cheek, have you ever momentarily felt like this while planning your big bash?

If you're planning a wedding, you'll know first hand how expensive things can get. Do you have the big day and all the little details planned out in your head, but you're not sure how to align the ever-mounting costs with your ever-decreasing budget? We may know what we're talking about when it comes to wedding invitations and stationery, but in order to bring you these great money saving tips, we thought we'd go straight to the experts. Read on for brilliant exclusive advice from some of the UK's top wedding and event planners:

“Agree on a budget and stick to it”

"My advice would be to agree on a budget and stick to it, you hopefully then won't spend what you can't afford.  Prioritise what is important to YOU as a couple and how / what / where you want your day to be, Consider an alternative day to Saturday, many venues offer better rates earlier in the week.  Finally don’t be afraid to accept help from friends and family, people close to you genuinely want to help to make your day special....just be clear with what it is YOU want!”  - Lyn at Lily-Marie, planning beautiful weddings & events across Hampshire & Surrey.

“You don’t need everything you’re told you need”

“Be assured that you don't need to stick to convention or have everything you're told you need. It is better to discuss what is important to the both of you. Some couples prioritise the best possible band, while others think the flowers are the most important element. Being aware of how you can compromise one element of your wedding for another helps you see how far your budget will go. Most importantly, don't feel pressured to spend what you can't afford. Be sure to get 2 to 3 different quotes and pick the right supplier whose personality you connect with that will also provide the best service for your money.” - Liesl at Zouch & Lamare, planning luxury weddings & events in London and across the UK.

“Use your wedding cake as your dessert”

“My top money saving tip for brides and grooms is to use your wedding cake as your dessert.  If your caterer permits it, this is a fabulous way to save some pennies.  And you can ensure that everyone makes the most of your delicious cake, rather than it being thrown away, uneaten at the end of the night!  - Zoe at Weddings by Zoe, planning beautiful and bespoke weddings in Wales & the South West.

“Get married slightly later in the day”

“One of the best ways to save money is to get married slightly later in the day, say 4pm. This way guests end up sitting for dinner around 6.30pm and then you don't need to provide evening food. You also get a much better flow to the day as there isn't a gap after dinner before the party starts." - Louise at Louise Perry Weddings, planning unique weddings in Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Suffolk and overseas

“Think carefully about guest numbers”

“Another great way to save money is to think carefully about guest numbers. Narrow down your guest list and stick to close friends and family. One tip to cut the cost is to invite a limited number to the ceremony and wedding breakfast, but invite additional evening guests to dance the night away with you. You also don’t have to invite plus ones – they all add up!” - Liesl at Zouch & Lamare.

“Don’t buy before you try”

“Do your research and don't buy before you try. Flash and panic buying can be costly so make sure you compare, use trusted suppliers that you know are good value and don't buy on impulse. I suggest that my couples sleep on a big financial decision and see how they feel a few hours later, sometimes the importance of that 'item' has reduced significantly!” (Marie at Isabella Weddings, planning beautiful weddings in the Hampshire area)

Thank you so much to our expert contributors for these exclusive tips! Here are some of our own tips to help you keep within your budget:

  • Choose the right printing option - we offer Printable PDFs which are perfect for couples on a tight budget as you can print your stationery at home, or get a local print company to do it for you.
  • Don't choose options you can't afford - all of our printed stationery is available on various card stock, but this can really push your budget up if you can't afford it. Our signature matte card is high quality, so choosing this options means your invites will look great anyway!
  • Make your own favours - our DIY wedding sparkler favours are easy to print at home and are great fun to make together before your big day.
  • Use social media - the rise of social media is a blessing to couples, with so much free inspiration, how-to guides and money saving tips. We've got loads of ideas on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts.