When planning the perfect wedding, the bride and groom dream of a special occasion that's full of elegance and classic charm, with something just a little bit different.

The best way to do this is by incorporating a theme, which, when done right, can give your wedding a real identity and a sense of the unique and the unforgettable.

Sophistication, subtly and taking a little bit of a risk is the key to finding that ideal theme - so what better way of encapsulating all three than with a casino style wedding?

Although it's been somewhat hijacked by tacky office parties and laddish socials, the classic sophistication of old-school, black tie glamour mixed with the rush of placing a bet in your favourite card game shouldn't be a theme that's overlooked.

Hip Hip Hooray will take you through our top tips for making that wedding celebration at the casino a total winner.

Raise The Stakes By Keeping It Classy 

For some, the casino setting can seem less than glamorous, but you can completely subvert any negative expectations with a few simple tweaks. In our mind, there's nothing that epitomises the iconic glamour of the casino quite like Sean Connery in Dr No or the High Society lifestyle of Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly. So play up to the timeless combination of dinner suits, glamorous gowns and staff dressed to the nines by creating a dress code that will really set the tone - this also gives you the perfect excuse to dress up and take some incredible pictures with all your friends and family!

Get creative with these Las Vegas themed invitations, information cards and save the date stationery. Perfect for weddings at home or away!

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Wedding party favours will always make a great first impression!

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Invoke some 1920s style with an ostentatious feather centrepiece to catch the eye...

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...and make sure your guests can help themselves to treats between hands!

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After you've sat down at the poker table, take a seat at a 007 inspired table setting....

Credit: https://blog.white-almonds.com/shaken-not-stirred-007-james-bond-wedding-pre-party-theme/

Sometimes it's just the details that count!

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Nothing says glamour quite like a champagne tower.

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Provide Some Entertainment

Hiring a few casino tables with real dealers, fruit machines and a couple of creative games dotted around your venue will make a huge impression. You don't want your guests to be using real money however, so get hold of a few stacks of party dollar bills and present the winners of the evening with a brilliant bottle of fizz to give everyone something to root for.