Having been in the wedding industry for years now, we get all sorts of questions from couples related to their wedding stationery, and it's easy to see why. Following all of the etiquette, dos and don'ts can be tricky, and you only get married once so you want to make sure you get it right. Our first piece of advice is always 'don't worry' - it's your wedding so you can pretty much do what you like.

However, there are some questions that we always get asked and most of them are related to the very first piece of stationery a couple will have to consider - save the dates. The type of questions vary, but there are always five questions we frequently get asked. So we thought why not answer them not just in a handy blog, but also in a Facebook Live video too! You can read our answers below, or view the video with our very own Jenny to find out more.

1) Do we really need save the date cards?

Let's be honest, going back 10 or 15 years save the date cards weren't even really a thing yet - so of course, you can get married just fine without sending save the date cards. If your budget won't stretch then you could always consider emailing a PDF save the date design, but if you are able to purchase them, it's definitely a good idea. The sooner your friends and family know the date of your wedding, the more chance they'll be able to come and celebrate with you. It's also a really fun part of the wedding planning process and as your save the date cards will be the first glimpse of your wedding your guests see, it's often the thing that gets the excitement and anticipation for your big day under way.

2) How long before the wedding should we send save the date cards?

Here in the UK, we recommend you send your save the date cards around 8-12 months before your special day. This gives everyone time to start thinking about annual leave, travel and hotel arrangements. If you're getting married abroad it's a good idea to send them even sooner so guests have as much notice as possible.

3) Should I send save the date cards to my evening guests too?

This is really up to you, but we find our customers usually only purchase save the date cards for their guests that are attending the whole wedding. It could be a little confusing for evening only guests to receive one, and you don't want to cause any disappointment when they receive the full invitation to find out they're only invited from 7.30pm. You can of course personalise any of our save the date cards to say 'Save the Evening' if you'd like to send them something.

4) What information needs to be included in save the date cards?

You can keep your save the date wording very informal; for example, you don't really need to use your full names so you can just include your first names. You'll need to include the date and it's a good idea to add the area too, so that guests know if they'll need to travel. If you have a wedding website, why not add that too so that guests can get more info about your big day online?

5) What if I haven't decided on my wedding theme yet?

If you've yet to finalise your wedding theme - try not to worry. Pick a design that you love and that represents your personal style and the general vibe of your wedding (for example, it may be a relaxed summer celebration so a bright floral or rustic design would be great). Your guests will be delighted to celebrate with you and on the day, whether your save the date matched the rest of the wedding decor will be the last thing on their minds. Choosing a design with lots of colours might be a good option, as you can then develop your theme further with the invitations.