Karaoke Themed Kids Party Stationery

Thursday, 3rd of August 2017

If you've got a birthday celebration or big special occasion coming up, there's nothing quite like a karaoke themed party to set the mood! If your guests love singing, dancing and letting their hair down, karaoke is great fun for all ages. So to get you prepared

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Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Ideas & Inspiration

Thursday, 2nd of March 2017

If you’re planning a party for your little one, there is no better theme than a mystical, magical unicorn. Cute, colourful and able to fly, the unicorn has always been a creature of mystery and provides the perfect inspiration for a girly party with their

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Magic Show Themed Children’s Party Ideas

Thursday, 5th of January 2017

Coming up with children’s party ideas can be tricky, but one theme that’s always guaranteed to be a winner is magic! There is something special about the look on a child’s face when they see a magic trick, and planning a whole party around this theme

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Inspired By Bollywood: Children’s Party Themes

Inspired By Bollywood: Children’s Party Themes

Thursday, 22nd of September 2016

For our design team at Hip Hip Hooray, there’s no limit on where we get our inspiration from - it could be a walk in the park, a chance meeting, a children’s book, different cultures, the list goes on. One of our favourite inspirations recently has been

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Cute kawaii cupcake donut strawberry cartoon shopkins kids birthday party Invitations stationery 2

Brightly Coloured Kids Birthday Party Invitations & Ideas

Wednesday, 11th of May 2016

We love a celebration here at Hip Hip Hooray and if you’re planning your child’s next birthday party, there’s nothing more exciting than preparing some fun-filled party invitations for the bash! Kids birthday party themes are always warm, inviting and

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