Additional Information Card Help

Here we have outlined some of the key information you may like to include to accompany your invitations. We hope this will be helpful, but if you'd like further assitance, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Details of public/arranged transport.

To your venue, as well as from your venue to the reception. You may also wish to include parking info here.

A list of local accommodation & contact details - plus any discounted rates you may have arranged.

You may wish to include your wishes with regards to gifts – either details of a gift list/registry, or to express that you would prefer monetary contributions. You can see some examples of how to word this in this useful blog post.

If your invitation does not extend to children, it would be a good idea to communicate that here. You can see some examples of how to word this in this blog post.

Dress Code:
Details of any dress code you have in mind can be included. (Options include Black Tie, Formal or Black Tie Optional, Semi-Formal & Cocktail, Casual, & Beach Formal).

What to Bring:
This can be useful if you’re tying the knot abroad and the weather is different or if you are organising specific events such as a pool party or BBQ.

The Weekend:
If you are organising a few days of celebrations. Get your guests excited and let them know what to expect.

Further Information:
It can be a good idea to include your contact details here, or any other useful numbers or details of a wedding website, should your guests have any queries.