Women's Programme

Many women across the UK are caught up in a cycle of multiple disadvantage (including addiction, homelessness, crime and lack of opportunities). Even when they work hard to break the cycle they can struggle to find work and support to reach their full potential.

We aim to provide life changing opportunities to help break this cycle once and for all, through our successful print-based business based in Tavistock, Devon.

We do this by offering paid employment where women prepare and pack stationery orders, develop customer service skills and experience the value of being in a supportive team. Women on our programme also work towards a qualification based on their aspirations and access life skills mentoring for a 12-month period. On completion of the programme and equipped with skills, experience and self worth - they are then supported into long term employment or further education. This combined approach helps women on our programme reach their potential, live a fulfilling life and contribute to their community.

Our employment programme is entirely funded through selling stationery and so every purchase you make enables us to continue and grow this work.

"In my recovery from addiction I'd become a bit of a recluse, so working here I've learnt that I am valid as part of a team, I can relearn things & use my old skills. I've learnt that I am able."


Women who have experienced gender-based violence are 5 times more likely to suffer from addiction
An estimated 68,000 women in the UK are sleeping on the streets, in temporary accommodation or emergency shelters
Only 17% of ex-offenders manage to get a job within a year of release

Statistics via Drugwise, Launchpad Reading, Gov.uk

How It Works

A woman is put forward by one of our referral partners because she has experienced addiction, homelessness or has been through the criminal justice system. She is now in recovery and looking for a new opportunity.
She begins a 12 month programme of living wage paid employment in our business and is able to access life skills mentoring to help with confidence, employability and money management.
Each woman is supported to create a personal development plan which includes courses and qualifications based on her interests and ambitions.
Upon completing the programme, she is supported in finding long term employment or enrolling into further education through group workshops, 1-to-1 mentoring and a supportive team community.


Paid employment working towards financial independence
A trauma-informed approach a safe space that recognises the barriers women have faced
Positive relationships a sense of belonging in our work family
Life skills building strong foundations for the future


"Before joining the programme, I didn't feel able to find employment because of my physical and mental health. I didn't believe there was a company or a boss that could support me in a work placement. I never really had people to say i'm good enough and I never even believed in myself. Now I look forward to going to work without judgment and if I get something wrong I know they won't go mad. It's a safe space that comes with new challenges every time I’m there, but I see it as growth and it has given me so much more confidence"

Referral Partners

At present, we can only accept referrals to our programme from the following organisations:

Trevi House
New Futures Network

Please contact us if you would like any more info on our women’s programmes.