When it comes to your wedding, it goes without saying that you’ll want to put your own personal stamp on the day in as many ways as possible. One idea for bringing more of your personalities into the day is by giving your wedding table names a theme. Instead of the traditional ‘Table One’ and ‘Table Two’, why not go for names that are a little more YOU? Not only is will this make your wedding day more personal to you, but it will also be a great talking point amongst your guests. You can even think of ways to tell your love story through your wedding table plan - for example, how about using names of countries you’ve visited together, or perhaps special milestone dates in your relationship?

If you’re wondering what to name your wedding tables - look no further. Here are 50 great ideas to give you some inspiration!

1. Airmail Wedding Table Name Cards travel themed destination by Hip Hip Hooray wedding stationery
Wedding tables named after countries you've visited - this design is from our Vintage Airmail stationery collection.


    1. Countries you’ve visited together
    2. Your favourite cities
    3. Tube stations
    4. Beaches you love
    5. Parks you’ve visited
    6. Tors, mountains or hills you have climbed
    7. Special dates in your relationship (e.g. your first meeting, first date, first kiss, the proposal etc.)
    8. Things on your bucket list
2. Blush pink and lace wedding table name cards by Hip Hip Hooray wedding stationery
Wedding tables themed around the word 'love' in different languages - this design is from our Romantic Lace stationery collection.
    • The word ‘Love’ in different languages. 
    • Your favourite movies
    • Famous couples, (think Fred & Ginger, Romeo & Juliet etc.)
    • Actors and actresses you love
    • Old black and white films 
    • West End musicals
    • Cartoon characters
    • Artists you admire
    • Classic British puddings (because everybody loves dessert!)
    • Your favourite cake / ice cream flavours
4. Candy Confetti Wedding Table Name Cards pastel theme by Hip Hip Hooray wedding stationery
Tables named after retro sweets - this design is from our Candy Confetti wedding stationery collection.
    • Retro sweets / candy 
    • Different types of tea (perfect for a tea party wedding!)
    • Coffee varieties (e.g. latte, cortado, mocha etc.)
    • Cocktails
    • Beers or local ales
    • Your favourite wines
    • Names of cheeses you love
    • Restaurants you’ve eaten at
5. Rustic Floral Wedding Table Name Card by Hip Hip Hooray
Favourite songs as wedding table names? This design is from our Rustic Floral stationery collection.
    • Your favourite song titles
    • Music albums
    • Music festivals
    • Favourite football / rugby / cricket players
    • Books you love
    • Authors you admire
    • Different circus acts

      6. Circus Themed Wedding Table Name Cards pastel theme by Hip Hip Hooray wedding stationery
      Having a circus themed wedding? The acts make great table names! This design is from our Circus Extravaganza wedding stationery collection.

      (We love this idea if you’re having a bit of a circus theme!)

    • Elements on the periodic table (great for science lovers!)
    • School subjects (this is popular among teachers)
    • Pantone colours (perfect for design geeks!)
    • Favourite board games
7. Midnight Stars Wedding Table Name Card by Hip Hip Hooray
Wedding table names themed on the planets. This design is from our Midnight Stars stationery collection.
  • Planets 
  • Constellations
  • Star signs
  • Ancient Gods & Goddesses
  • Animals
  • Flower names 

    8. Vintage Floral Wedding Table Name Card by Hip Hip Hooray
    Flower varieties make lovely wedding table names. This design is from our Country Textiles stationery collection.
  • Trees
  • Rivers
  • Birds
  • Cars
  • Gemstones
  • Precious metals
  • Anagrams of things that are special to you (scramble up the words and keep your guests busy trying to decipher your table names - this is a great ice breaker!)
We hope this has given you some ideas of things to name your wedding table names after - don’t forget, just like all of our wedding stationery - our table name card designs can be customised right here on our website and you can choose to print your own (perfect for DIY brides), or sit back and let us take care of all the printing for you.  Digital printable table name cards cost just £2 or for to receive them beautifully and professionally printed, it's £3 each.

Now you have some ideas for themes, why not click to browse our selection of wedding table name cards?