It is never easy having to postpone, or even cancel, your wedding for any reason. It could be due to a natural disaster, extreme weather events or a pandemic (such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2020).

Here at Hip Hip Hooray, we would like to take the hassle out of an already stressful situation by providing you with the tools to thoughtfully inform your guests of any changes to your ceremony. Let us show you how to navigate this tricky process with our handy step-by-step guide to cancelling or postponing a wedding. 

Postpone or Cancel

The first step is to decide on whether you are postponing your wedding or cancelling it. This is an important step as it will dictate the tone of your communication with guests, venues and suppliers. For example, when informing your choice of venue that you are postponing your wedding they may be able to hold your deposit until you're in a better position to set a new date.

Cancellation Policies

Now would be an appropriate time to check your contracts with suppliers to ascertain what their cancellation policy is. Unfortunately, most deposits are non-refundable if you need to cancel outright; however, there may be room for flexibility if you are simply postponing. You may wish to get in touch directly with each supplier if you are unsure.

Inform Your Guests

Another very important step is to inform your guests about the changes to your wedding. If you have already sent out your invitations and save the date cards, you will need to follow these up with a wedding postponement card. Fortunately, we stock some excellent cards that are suitable for a variety of reasons and purposes. 

If you are having to postpone your wedding then our postponement cards are the perfect way to let your guests know of the change of plans. Quick and easy to personalise online, they're a good way of making the best out of a horrible situation.


If you need to cancel your honeymoon as well, be sure to check your travel insurance before contacting the travel agent, hotels or airline you have booked with. Sadly, unless your trip is fully insured for cancellation, you may still have to pay for non-refundable parts of it. Don’t forget to also cancel any hire car reservations, theatre, concert or museum tickets. 

Choose A New Date

While it might not be possible straight away, choosing a new date for your wedding can help to reduce the anxiety and sadness you're feeling. Go through the same process you went through when initially choosing your wedding date to ensure you're happy with your choice, rather than making a rash decision.

The easiest choice may just be postponing for a year on from your original date (or as close as you can get), but a postponement may encourage you to re-think what you wanted, leading to a new date that's not too far away.

While having to cancel or postpone a wedding is frustrating and upsetting, especially if the situation is out of your control, just remember to stay calm and collected. People will understand your reasoning, whatever the circumstances around the postponement.