There's nothing quite like that contemporary wedding look - sleek lines, simple yet stylish decor, dramatic lighting - yet for many, modern is a term that means something slightly different for each couple and the unique vision for their wedding.

Those looking for a modern-style wedding dream of that idyllic, pristine aesthetic, filled with smart, immaculate features that simply ooze elegance and romance.

To fit in with your venue and decor, Hip Hip Hooray have selected some of our most popular, eclectic and cutting-edge modern wedding invitations to send out to your guests and begin creating that sophisticated, modern ceremony to remember...

Pastel Blue Watercolour Wedding Invitation

Designed to meld perfectly with your wedding decor, this invite has a delicate pastel brushstroke design, finished off with simple yet elegant text on a pure white backdrop.

Boarding Pass Travel Themed Wedding Invitation

Give your guests an exciting glimpse into your far-flung wedding celebration to come with this boarding pass themed card, available in a range of contemporary colours.

Midnight Stars Wedding Invitation

Tie each sparkling element of your wedding together like a celestial constellation with this stunning wedding invitation that's perfect for any starry-eyed romantics.

Teal & Gold Ink Wedding Invitation

Give your wedding a vibrant, shimmering makeover with this beautiful teal and gold ink invitation that your guests simply won't be able to resist.

Emerald & Gold Wedding Invitation

This emerald & gold wedding invitation features a lavish combination of colours to entice your guests and begin the journey to your upcoming wedding ceremony.

Flamingo Fiesta Tropical Wedding Invitation

Looking for a little bit of tropical charm? This wedding invitation is a striking choice for any couples planning to tie the knot abroad - and let's face it, who doesn't love a pink flamingo?

Dove Grey Fairy Lights Wedding Invitation

Attract your friends and family with a demure invitation comprised of a series of gorgeous hanging lights all on a sleek dove grey backdrop. Perfect for fitting in with any style or theme of wedding you're planning.

Blush Marble Wedding Invitation

Nothing says elegance, culture and refinement quite like marble... This gorgeous invite comes with an authentic marble texture design, kissed with a delicate blush pink tint.